3 Amazing Reasons to use Telemedicine in Nigeria

The healthcare industry is beginning to experience a change with the entry of Telemedicine in Nigeria. Who else can stake his right arm with me that Nigeria would be a better place if only medical advice and help can be simpler and quicker? Talking about a system where the general public can get qualified doctors, advise them on various health issues, diagnosis as well as treatment right in the convenience of their homes, where ever they may be.

Oh well, it’s no longer a wish. It is dreams come true with the telemedicine concept.

Telemedicine providers like HealthConnect247 has unbundled medical service for all Nigerians. What we have now is phenomenal. Before the telemedicine innovation, Nigerians would take the pain to travel all the way wherever they are to meet a doctor only to be told that no doctor is a ground even in times of emergency. These days, people can seek medical help by a simple mobile app, chat or call and a verified doctor answers every health questions they may have.

Indeed, the push to reduce cost of medical service in the country is creating a beautiful storm for telemedicine to go nuclear now. If you remember that not everyone can afford a basic health care in Nigeria, then you would see reasons with the urgent need to etch the telemedicine technology in the Nigerian system. It’s what Nigerians need.

Quickly, telemedicine is becoming the viable way of providing care for patients across the globe. One of the top telemedicine providers in Nigeria, HealthConnect247 has devoted precious time and energy teaching people the many benefits of telemedicine just so Nigerians can embrace the ease and convenience it offers when compared to the regular hospital or doctor. Nigerians need to join the rest of the world. Our population grows in geometric and proper health care is further receding, threatening to disappear.

 Doctor using telemedicine in Nigeria

Benefits of Telemedicine in Nigeria

In fact, educating Nigerians to reason with telemedicine is what informed this teaching. I really thirst to take you by the hand and walk you through the amazing benefits of telemedicine in Nigeria if only to revolutionize the way you and your loved ones seek medical help going forward:

1. Second opinion privilege

Telemedicine is very reputed for what can be described as second chance. If you have ever been diagnosed with an unfamiliar ailment then you would understand what I am talking about. You’d want to go haywire. You’d suddenly have a million and one questions you want to ask the doctor. Pity but others are waiting. You can’t ask all your questions. No one would give you the audience. The accompanying distress? No words, no words. But hey! This is what comes free of any of charge with the telemedicine technology. You have the second chance opportunity. All to yourself, you now have a doctor who empathizes with you, ready to hear all your symptoms no matter how boring. He is not easily rattled; no big ego. He is not in hurry chasing you out for another patient to come in.

2. A strong help for persistent symptoms

Ever been treating a particular ailment again and over that won’t go away? That is why you have in Nigeria telemedicine providers like HealthConnect247. Sometimes, you discover that even sticking to your doctor’s prescription combined with what your pharmacists gave you, you still couldn’t heal. The telemedicine innovation has all the time for the e-doctors to re-diagnose you right at your convenience and prescribe you the right treatment and you heal in no time.

3. Overhead costs eliminated

This is another big and my favourite benefit of all the goodies of telemedicine. Remember, we are never having enough money in Nigeria. We work so hard yet earn so little – the reason some of us should opt for cheaper way of getting medical help – the telemedicine way. You don’t need to spend transport fair, buy card and other logistics just to see a doctor. A simple app download, call or live chat is enough. What about times you are too ill to even raise a foot? In times of curfews and lockdown? Really, you should make HealthConnect247 an ally immediately and bid ‘bye bye’ to all manner of sicknesses.

I don’t really know how you should feel about this technology. But I can tell you are super delighted. It makes my heart merry that you can sit at the comfort of your home and get medical help right there, right now. If you are in Lagos, please adopt a telemedicine service like HealthConnect247 and see how you get to pay only a fraction compared to the heavy medical bill, Nigerian hospitals would have slammed you just because you sought one small medical help.


You can sign up on HealthConnect247 to enjoy all these benefits plus other unique advantages.

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